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Find your voice.

Stories connect us. They teach and inspire us. They are the greatest gift we possess. Stories are human. 


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My Writing Principles

Just write.

A good story today is better than a great story that never gets written.



Get feedback early and often.

Find someone you trust, someone who will tell you the kind truth and let them read your content. It will only make you a better writer.


Write what you love.

Whether it’s poetry, fantasy, science fiction, or history. Your passion will seep into your stories and only make them better.


Believe in yourself.

Confidence can never be under-rated. Believe in yourself, your story, and your characters.

Writing is about stories.

It isn’t about spelling or grammar. There are tools for that. Your job is to tell a story.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Very few people are experts when they first pick up a new skill. It takes time and lots of practice.

Become an Author

Share your story.

Every story, no matter how big or small, deserves to be shared with the world. Your experiences, your struggles, your triumphs - they all have value and deserve to be heard. So why not take the leap and share your story with others? Let your voice be heard and inspire those around you. Your story is unique and important, so don't keep it to yourself. Tell yours today.

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"It isn’t hard, it’s just hard work."

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Jackson Miller

The Fountain of Youth: Stories from the Free City Book 1