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Stories from the free City™, Book 1

The Fountain of  Youth

On a distant space station, Jack has a story to tell. A story of adventure and danger—a tale he has clung to for far too long. Jack recounts his time as a United States Marine during World War II when he and a small group of shipwreck survivors got stranded on a tropical island paradise. Though the island offered a safe haven from the horrors of drifting aimlessly out at sea, within its beautiful and lush landscape, it hides a terror all of its own.

Behind every tree is danger, every canyon, death, and deep inside the remnants of a long-dead volcano, an ancient secret lies hidden—a secret that has been buried for millions of years. When the group of survivors encounters a detachment of Japanese soldiers, it is up to Jack to keep them safe and rid the island of this enemy menace. Together, with the love of his life, Margaret “Blue” Carter, he learns what it means to lead and feels the consequences of every decision he makes.

Will Jack and Blue be able to save them all or were they doomed the moment they stepped foot on this mysterious island paradise?

More about this book:

An intense sci-fi action-adventure that takes place on a remote tropical island during World War II.

Looking for a different take on a classic myth? The Fountain of Youth: Stories from the Free City, Book 1 is sure to deliver. It’s a sci-fi action-adventure that takes place on a remote and mysterious island at the height of World War II. At its core, it’s about love and loss, decisions, and, ultimately, the consequences of those decisions as the main characters fight to survive.

This World War II historical fiction weaves between moments of intense action, sheer terror, strong character development, and breath-taking scenery. It’s for anyone who loves:

  • World War II historical fiction
  • Science fiction grounded in realism
  • Survival adventures
  • Island & jungle adventures
  • Different takes on classic myths
  • Unexpected twists
  • And so much more!

Explore a life-changing experience in The Fountain of Youth: Stories from the Free City, Book 1